5 Important Improvements in Dental Technology

Dental technology has taken gigantic leaps in the past 20 years With technology on the rise, you can see improvements everywhere, from your blacksmith, to your astrophysicist, and they cannot be just ignored. Healthcare has also got its improvements, from better X Ray machines, digital technology to lasers, all of which are used frequently to improve the lives of many … Read More

A Healthy Smile for A Healthy Holiday

  The Holidays Work on Your Teeth While You Rest Maintaining good dental health during the holidays is more important than ever.  People consume sugary sweets and beverages more than any other time of the year. Christmas day is one full of food and drinks packed with sugar and calories, which can be bad for your oral health. However, we … Read More

Addressing the Severity of Tooth Decay

 What is Tooth Decay? Tooth decay is a very common dental health problem that is addressed on a daily basis at our practice. There are plenty of ways that we can address the loss of tooth structure and the restoration of overall dental health. When you meet with your cosmetic dentist, you will be able to go over these matters … Read More

Addressing Dental Anxiety

 Dental Anxiety – A Frequent Cause of Oral Hygiene Neglection Nearly 25 percent of Americans are so fearful, they avoid their dental check-ups unless they’re in pain, a Wall Street Journal article reports. Some people are afraid of the sound of the drill, while others say they’re afraid the procedure will be painful.  Some people say they hate feeling like … Read More