Emergency Answering Services

The difference between a dental emergency and a dental concern


A dental concern is cosmetic: a chipped, crooked or cracked tooth. Until that is one of these concerns is experienced with any amount of dental pain. So, for example, if you chip a tooth and it’s a little of the enamel off the top, we would recommend book an appointment for either bonding or porcelain veneers. If the chip is severe and causes you pain, that is a dental emergency, and may require a dental crown.

The easiest way to think about is: if it hurts, call Duck Creek Dental


ima32gesEven if the pain is a dull ache, call us. A dull ache can be symptomatic of advanced decay—if seen to quickly it may only require a filling. But the longer you wait the worse it could get. That is why it’s important to NOT adopt the “wait and see if it goes away” approach. A regular check-up can be the difference between a filling and root canal therapy.

Remember: any toothache is not normal: visit Duck Creek Dental to ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy.

What to do if your tooth has been knocked out


A knocked out tooth is the most common dental emergency. If you have had an accident or injury and lost a tooth it is important that you pick it up by the crown (don’t pick it up by the root) and rinse the tooth in either milk or water. Do not scrub the tooth. Do not remove any attached tissue fragments and keep the tooth either in your cheek or milk.

In this dental emergency time is a factor: ideally you need to see a dentist within 30mins of it being knocked out. This can be the difference between saving and losing a tooth.

What to do if your denture has broken


Please resist the urge to try and fix dentures yourself. Our team can repair dentures easily but if you trying gluing them back together yourself it will make our job harder.

Call Duck Creek Dental immediately, so we can arrange an appointment as quickly as possible. We have three convenient locations across CBD, Bull Creek and East .