Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crowns


crownsWhen a tooth is damaged beyond repair, it is important to provide a restoration that can protect the natural tooth and keep it from experiencing further damage. When severe decay or breakage occurs, patients may consider the benefits of a porcelain crown. Crowns are perfect for repairing many dental problems and can permanently replace teeth in conjunction with a dental implant to maintain biting, chewing, and speaking efficiency. At our office, our practice is renowned for our quality restorations.

Fitting a dental crown takes at least two appointments to the dental office. During the initial visit, we remove decay and reshape the tooth, then take impressions. We will place a temporary crown on the tooth until patients return for the placement of their permanent crowns. The crowns are cemented in place and patients can enjoy their new smile!

There are many benefits to dental crowns. They replace missing teeth, and offer support for teeth that have been badly broken or compromised. They look completely natural while fixing the smile and improving the functionality of the teeth.

Dental Bridges


Tooth loss doesn’t always occur with aging; it can be caused by trauma, extraction, or disease. Replacing the missing teeth will help maintain the function of a patient’s smile. Bridges are a wonderful option for correcting tooth loss.

Dental bridges are fabricated from porcelain and are used to replace missing teeth by attaching false teeth to the surrounding natural teeth. They are a fixed restoration fused to crowns and a pontic (false tooth) to maintain the beauty of a patient’s dental arch, even after tooth loss.

The process of placing a bridge is similar to that of a crown. The teeth are prepared with possible removal of some of the natural tooth enamel, and impressions are used to send to a dental laboratory for the creation of the restoration. A temporary bridge is placed until the final restoration comes in to the dental office, in which the dentist can permanently cement the bridge onto the adjacent teeth to restore the smile.