Preventive Dentistry

Our Preventive Dentistry services focus on procedures that take place both at our dental office and at the patient’s home. These procedures are undergone in order to prevent oral disease or to find it at an early stage.

Preventive Dental Services that we offer include:

Routine Dental Care


Taking good care of your mouth, teeth, and gums is well worth the investment of time and effort.  Regular and proper oral and dental hygiene helps prevent unwanted and unpleasant situations such as bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease.

From a long-term perspective, effective dental hygiene will also help you retain your natural teeth; since gum disease is regarded to be the main reason for teeth loss, the prevention of this condition through routine dental hygiene and care will be a significant factor in having a healthy mouth for as long as possible.



imgcresDental sealants are a simple, non-invasive treatment designed to prevent tooth decay and make your teeth easier to clean. A preventive treatment, sealants are thin plastic coatings that are painted directly onto the tooth’s surface. Sealants are used on your back teeth, namely your pre-molars and molars, which are often referred to as your chewing surfaces. While these teeth are important to eating and chewing properly, they are also prone to decay and hard to clean with normal brushing and flossing. Bacteria and food particles often get trapped in the deep pits and grooves of your chewing surfaces. Sealants are designed to act as a protective barrier against such decay.